Open Lecture: Simon Herron

Simon Herron

Thursday 14th October 2021, 6.30pm

Tessa Blackstone Lecture Theatre [0003]

This lecture explores the distinctive character and methods used in developing and creating the early iconic architectural images of the Archigram group 1961-1974. Material sourced from the Ron Herron Archive provides a rare view of the profession on the eve of the digital revolution, with works that combine orthographic drawing, collage, photography and xerography – lost analogue technologies of the recent past deployed to imagine the ephemeral technologies of a utopian near future. Zoom will trace historical antecedents from the writings of Marshal McLuhan, comic book hero’s, artists, cinema, popular magazines, throw-away-advertising imagery, film set living – fantasy or reality, collectively set within in the hot headed, psychedelic, technicoloured context of youthful rebellion and rejection of the 1960’s London.

Simon Herron is Head of Architecture at the University of Greenwich, where he also teaches postgraduate design with Susanne Isa and Nick Elias in MArch Unit 16. He previously taught at the Bartlett UCL, University of Westminster and Oxford Brookes, running international studios at Sci-Arc Los Angeles and Lund, Sweden whilst lecturing and exhibiting internationally. Simon trained at the Architectural Association and the Städelschule Frankfurt, and worked for Michael Hopkins Architects before joining Ron Herron Associates, where he became a partner in 1989. Built works include, Machi No Kao, three pavilions for Toyama Prefecture, Japan with Herron Associates @ Imagination, and a collaboration with AHMM & Studio Myerscough to produce the Millennium products touring exhibition for the British Council and display units for the Millennium Dome Learning Zone. His current research centres on the Ron Herron Archival Project, supported by a research and development grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

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