Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day


The University of Greenwich is setting up a ‘Living Walls and Green Roofs Centre’ which focuses on research, design and knowledge transfer of the environmental and social benefits of green roofs, living walls as well as urban agriculture.

On the 15th of April we are hosting our first  ‘Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day’ at our Maritime Campus in Greenwich where a great line up of speakers will discuss current knowledge and the state of the art concerning living walls. Additionally all the major UK and EU manufacturers will present their products through talks and demonstrations on campus.

Living walls are developing very quickly, making it difficult for landscape architects to stay abreast, separate fact from fiction and understand what the real issues are.

The Knowledge Transfer Day encourages a two-way interaction which will feed directly into better design, biodiversity & sustainable solutions for urban centres.

This one day seminar forum hosted by the Green Roofs and Living Walls Centre, will reveal and share the latest information about the different types of available living walls from a range of perspectives including academia, designers, plant specialists, installation and maintenance experts and living wall system manufacturers. All the leading manufacturers will display and discuss their systems.

Overview of the day:

  • Latest academic research to do with living walls (thermal, carbon & energy studies, urban agriculture, social well-being, etc);
  • Life cycle analysis;
  • Ecosystem services;
  • Policy (UK and EU) feeding design, system development and vegetation use;
  • Latest substrate research for green roofs & walls (Hillier Nurseries & Boningale GreenSky);
  • Installation & maintenance (costs & issues);
  • Gary Grant will keynote & present vertical rain gardens; and,
  • 6 case studies of different systems by manufacturers from EU & UK will present and exhibit their systems for a hands-on approach.



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Tuesday 15 April, 9:15 – 17:30

Event location

University of Greenwich
Room QA080
Queen Anne Court
SE10 9LS London
United Kingdom

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