Policies & Procedures

This page is intended to support the use of Moodle as well as to provide reference documents for academics, support staff and students across Faculties and Directorates.
Please ensure you are familiar with the site policies as outlined here.

Moodle Minimum Requirements

Data Protection Statement

Each course must include the following content as outlined in the Quality Assurance Handbook 

  • Course specification, as in appendix D1 of the Quality Assurance Handbook (2010). This should be presented as a Moodle “webpage”.
  • Names and full profiles of course tutors, along with contact details and hours of availability.
  • A brief, friendly introduction to the course or programme, including details from the course outline.
  • A clear explanation of what students can expect and what is expected of them to fully engage with the course’s face-to-face and online components.
  • An evaluation activity, using appendix M1 of the Quality Assurance Handbook (2010).

Data protection and copyright

Data Protection Statement

Moodle is hosted in the UK by the University of London Computer Center (ULCC) under University contract. The University of Greenwich and contracted third parties will deal with your personal data in accordance with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.
By agreeing to the Data Protection Statement, you are giving your permission to the University to process your personal data via Moodle for the purposes of teaching, learning and research.