Programme of Free Evening Seminars in Maritime Policy, Security and History

Greenwich Maritime Institute holds a range of events, seminars and conferences including the popular Public Research Seminar Series which are held in Greenwich at monthly intervals.

Experts are invited to give a presentation on areas that relate to the three broad themes that the GMI specialises in: Maritime History, Maritime Policy and Maritime Security. Presentations are then followed by questions from the audience. Anyone is welcome to attend these free seminars although advance booking is required via

This year we are pleased to announce a variety of topics such as:

  • Licensing Private Maritime Security Companies
  • Navy, Identity & Leisure in 20th Century Britain
  • Loss of the RB Angus
  • 1412 – The Year China Discovered the World
  • Designing New Vessels for 21st Century Tidal Thames
  • Human Rights Considerations in the Maritime Industry
  • China’s Ship Recycling


GMI Research Seminar Series 2013-14 – Download the brochure in PDF format

China Maritime Centre – A Successful One-Day Course

The China Maritime Centre (GMI) ran a successful one-day short course ‘A Leading Global Player: Maritime Business Activities in China’, 10th June 2013. The short course was organised against the background that over the past decade China has become the leading influence shaping global seaborne trade, as result of a remarkable upsurge in trade volumes. This short course was led by the Director of China Maritime Centre Dr Minghua Zhao, international shipping analyst Richard Scott and researcher Yifan Liao who specialises in ship recycling. The course investigated how and why China has become such a prominent part of the global maritime scene within a relatively short period since the early 2000s and also provided with some clues about future trends.

Three specific areas of growth within the maritime industry in China were discussed at the course: China’s maritime trade in a global context, the rapidly growing China-owned merchant ship fleets and ports and a new era for shipbuilding and ship recycling in China.

This course has attracted a good number of participants from a range of sectors of the maritime community, including delegates, for example, from shipping companies, maritime law firms, maritime media and research institutions, maritime museums, seafarers welfare organisations and others.

Short Course Image, June 2013

The next event of the China Maritime Centre will take place on 10th September 2013 and is a one-day conference, ‘China’s Growth as an International Power: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Sustainability’. More details can be found on our booking website: