BA Unit 8: Home Truths. Mark Hatter & Jen Wan

Archaeology of Present Times, Kon Wajiro

This year, unit 8 will investigate the architecture of domesticity and explore its qualities, posing the question: what does ‘home’ mean to you, and how is it evoked? In a similar vein to Wajiro’s work, with its meticulous recording of everyday moments, we begin by mapping our observations in the ordinary. We search for the fantastical in the prosaic. We value ‘lived’ space as opposed to pristine, uninhabited proposition. We will find clues in the accidental, the ageing, the fleeting, the minute.

We ask you to consider the manifesto of your proposal: what ideas can it embody and communicate beyond its four (four?) walls? The house programme is open to interpretation or misinterpretation. It can be conventional, radical, whimsical or fantastical. The domestic can be thoughtful and modest, also bombastic and grandiose.

We continue this year to take cues from existing disciplines, to use film, photography and the visual arts to discover different ways of seeing and representing space. We value the non-verbal narrative, and the emotional choreography of an experiential architecture.