BA Unit 4 :: Plan B for the Common[s] :: Hatter / Isa


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The title of the year’s project is Plan B for the Common[s]. It is the umbrella beneath which multiple concurrent conversations can reside – with the occasional overlap. The objective is to tailor-make each project to each student, year 3 students will be allowed greater freedom to speculate although a brief will be provided as a framework, for year 2 ambition and speculation is still required but with a tighter brief. The following potential title descriptions are therefore subject to modifications particularly in light of the previous work and preoccupations by the student.

  1. The Public House
  2. The Town Hall
  3. The Agency
  4. The Hotel
  5. The Fun Palace
  6. The Exchange
  7. The Assembly

You will begin by developing tools for a potential Architectural alphabet to be deployed. On drawing – we consider this to be an important tool of discovery. This is where notation, expression and strategic thinking are developed. As Architects we need to be able to communicate ideas and instruction to an audience be it the client or the co-collaborator.

We are going to look at the SEASIDE as they have long been experimental sites and laboratories for testing. They are places of adaptability, seasonality and change but above all FUN. Confronting Britannia at the edge of England and Europe. Blackpool, Margate, Brighton, Hastings, Folkestone, Dover, The Isle of White, Lyme Regis, Coney Island as described by Rem Koolhaas in Delirious New York as experimental laboratory for the City.


The year is to be structured as one project that is sub divided into a series of episodes. Projects will take their clues from a variety of sources be it site, environment or culture to name a few. As a result proposals are not merely rational entities but composed of momentary perceptions and disassociated elements.

You will be asked initially to look at seemingly random objects that are chosen tangential to the discipline of Architecture. The intention is to be familiar but the Architectural outcome to be uncertain to begin with, as the delight is in their ultimate expression.

The aspirations of Architecture remains a moving target, demanding us to explore and meet the demands of the 21st Century. The aim of unit 4 is to treat every member as an individual both in terms of the scope of the project and the manner it might be made.

Fieldtrip will involve planes,trains and automobiles.