BA Unit 2: Shop Shop: Value, Exchange: What is architecture worth? Seán McAlister & Pravin Ghosh

Amazon Warehouse, Rugely, Ben Roberts, 2013

In Unit 2 we are going back to a quintessential, modern-day, value-setting typology: the Shop Shop. This year we will explore what makes us who we are, what we desire, and what we think it’s all worth giving up for. We’re going to design an audacious architecture where things, products, ideas, people and nothing are exchanged, sold and remade. Welcome to Shop Shop.

Yes! You can expect to be exploring the world of the Hostel, the News Room, the Drug Deal, the Shop Counter, the Factory, the Football Stand, the Parliament Bench, the Confession Box, the Crematorium, the Temple, the Arms Deal, the Traffic Light AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!

Each of these situations are temples of exchange, of value assignment, of gambler and of survival.