Studios & Facilities

Students will make use of state-of-the-art facilities in both the new £80 Million Stockwell Street Building and the Old Royal Naval College.

Stockwell Street contains:

• Bespoke Sound Studio, for recording Foley, ADR and 5.1 surround sound mixing.
• Two TV Studio sound stages for filming and recording.
• Seven Post Production Edit Suites with stereo monitors and soundcards for mixing and Foley or ADR recording.
• Surround Sound Cinema style lecture theatre.


Old Royal Naval College contains:

• ADR and Stereo Studio – for mixing and voice work.
• Stereo Sound Studio – for mastering and composition.
• Digital Art & Design Lab.



We have a wide range of equipment for sound recording in a variety of contexts , professional software for audio editing and sequencing, loudspeaker equipment for surround sound concerts & multichannel installations ).

We have a wide selection of microphones for recording, including Neumann, Sennheiser and Rode microphones with Rycote accessories.


As a standard we use Genelec loudspeakers in all of our studios, edit suites and in multichannel concerts and installations.


We use the latest professional audio editing software in our studios including Pro Tools, Izotope RX, Adobe Creative Cloud, Waves and Sound Toys, among many others.


Short Film of the Opening of Stockwell Street

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