“The Future of the Ocean: Health, Wealth and Biodiversity” Seminar at the University of Greenwich.

The Greenwich Maritime Centre is very proud to announce our first 2017-2018 seminar in collaboration with the Coastal and Marine Research Group:

“The Future of the Ocean: Health, Wealth and Biodiversity”

with Professor Steve Fletcher

Venue: University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, London SE10 9LS

Lecture Theatre QA080.

Tickets are free but please sign up using our Eventbrite form so we can keep control of the numbers: 


There is increasing appreciation of the critical role the oceans play in human health and sustainable economic growth.  As is well known, the ocean provides the basic building blocks to support life through its regulation of climate and global temperature, but we are now also appreciating the role of the ocean in supporting the quality of our health through providing new drugs from the deep sea and spaces for relaxation, de-stressing, and personal restoration. In parallel, the OECD (2016) has estimated that the global ocean economy currently supports 350m jobs and has a value in the order of US$1.5 trillion per annum (2–3% of the world’s gross domestic product).  Yet there is a strong belief that the wealth derived from the ocean can be increased still further through ‘blue growth’ and ‘blue economy’ policies that provide new opportunities to tap into ocean and coastal resources. Biodiversity lies at the heart of ocean health and wealth, yet its place in ocean governance remains ambiguous, particularly in areas beyond national jurisdiction.  This presentation will explore these themes and consider how we can navigate towards a future for the ocean that supports health, wealth and biodiversity.

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