Thursday 15 March 2018
when: Thursdays 19:15-20.15
place: LT004 – Stockwell Street, University of Greenwich
Laura Henry |​
A discussion on Gender and Feminism through Design
. Laura will start conversations on the role of gender and feminism in the design process.​ Laura London based Director, Motion Graphic Artist & Photographer of 10+ years. Laura produced & created content for numerous & diverse clients, from Sony, NBA, Innocent, BA, Walkers, London Fashion Week, Netflix & other well known brands to music video and graphic content for signed artists & major festivals/events. 

open.lecture.series 2018
The Design Roast (6th year) is an open discussion group for anyone interested in creative design practices and theories of cross-disciplinarity, design, new media technologies, interactions, visual communication and philosophies of the state-of-the current and future design.
2018 Design roast series: on Diversity and Inclusivity by Design