Students will work with a diverse team of professionals and experts, covering a wide range of Sound Design practices.

Dr. Andrew Knight-Hill

Dr Andrew Hill
Dr Andrew Knight-Hill

Andrew is a composer of electroacoustic music, specialising in studio composed works both acousmatic (purely sound based) and audio-visual. His works have been performed extensively across the UK, as well as in Europe and the US.

He has worked on film soundtracks, audiovisual films, documentaries, soundscapes for installations, contemporary music works and live electronics performances.

As a sound artist and composer on the Affective Digital Histories AHRC project at the University of Leicester, he worked to develop historical sound maps of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. During the winter of 2013/2014 Andrew received a grant from Arts Council England and the British Council to travel to Norway and compose a series of works around the theme of quietness, Stille Lyd.

In 2013 Andrew was commissioned as part of the EU funded ‘Compose With Sounds’ project for which he developed his composition “Abstracted Journeys”. This composition was premiered in Paris at the Akousma festival, organised by the Le Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) and has since been performed at several other festivals.

Andrew is the Programme Leader for the BA Sound Design and runs the MA / MSc course in Sound Design.

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Prof. Stephen Kennedy

Steve Kennedy’s research interests lie at the intersection of theory and practice in relation to the political economy of contemporary communications technology. His creative and academic outputs have had impact in the field of digital media and the philosophy of sound. He has developed novel concepts (Sonic Economy, Chaos Media) that explore the relationship between philosophy and the production and distribution of sound, and has made a noteworthy contribution to this field of study. He has presented work both nationally and internationally at conferences/workshops/seminars and has worked collaboratively with a range of academics, artists and performers.


His latest book Chaos Media: A Sonic Economy of Digital Space is published by Bloomsbury NY (2015)

Prof. Kennedy is Head of the School of Design.

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson performs a live score to a silent film with his ensemble at Sound / Image 2015
Ian Thompson performs a live score to a silent film with his ensemble at Sound / Image 2015

Ian has extensive experience in music and sound production. A classically trained ‘cellist, he has also played bass guitar with a chart-topping band and established the Hackney Secular Singers community choir. He studied music education with British free improvisation pioneer John Stevens, which still informs much of his teaching practice.

As a qualified sound engineer (City & Guilds), he has professional experience of sound recording, design, mixing and production in a wide range of contexts. In 2009, he set up 3D60, a company specialising in binaural and immersive sound recording, and his research includes exploration of creative practice in spatial audio production.

Recently, he has been creating sonic art works and collaborating with fellow sound arts practitioners / musicians on projects including:

  • “When I was a kid, that was the dream”, solo sound piece at Tate Modern, part of Tweet Me Up! group show, London 2012
  • “Roll Out” interactive sound installation, Art Trail, Festival Number Six, Portmeirion, 2013
  • “Litus Expromo”, sound installation part of OverTime group show, Greenwich, London 2014
  • “Symphony Number 1 in DAB”, generative composition based on digital audio artefacts, Greenwich, London 2015
  • “Cody Words”, improvised ‘cello with Breathing Space vocal ensemble, Hundred Years Gallery / SonicaFM, London 2015
  • “Shed Session 1”, improvised ‘cello with Stephen Shiell, Machines Room / SonicaFM, London 2015
  • “HERD: for metal, voice and ‘cello”, composition and performance at Royal Academy of Arts, London 2015
  • “7-Tides”, live mixing of performance with Blanc-Sceol, Margate 2015

Ian is a regular contributor to Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions on Resonance FM, and is currently working on a data-driven generative composition project.

Besides working with sound and music, he has produced websites and online audio content and outside broadcasts for BBC Radio 3, and websites for and Benetton. He is also programme leader for BA (Hons) Digital Arts Practice at Greenwich.

Paula Fairfield – Visiting Professor

Best known for her work on the iconic TV shows GAME OF THRONES and LOST, Paula has garnered numerous awards and nominations for her work in both Canada and the US, including 10 Emmy nominations, and 1 win for her work on Game of Thrones.

TV, film, commercials, and basically anything that makes noise, her passion is high concept sound design and her main interest is working with visionary filmmakers, clearly reflected in her resume and her background as an artist. During the course of her career, she has worked with auteurs including James Cameron, Darren Aronofsky, Robert Rodriguez, Brian DePalma, Paul McGuigan, The Soska Sisters. And she has done work for a range of platforms including film, tv, commercial, mnemonics, VR, installation, and immersive concert.

She was born and raised in Nova Scotia and is a graduate of NSCAD University. During her career as an exhibiting artist, she was the co-director of Canada’s foremost media art center, Charles Street Video. Her art work resides in several collections worldwide, including the National Gallery of Canada.

In addition to her commercial work, Paula has recently started her immersive sound composition, Ocean of Tears, a sonic poem about grief. She presented a work in progress act from this work in London, in conjunction with University of Greenwich and the L-Acoustics’ L-ISA team in August 2019. The full work will premiere in 2020.

Paula became a Visiting Professor of the University of Greenwich in 2019

Visiting & Special Lecturers

Throughout your study you will also have the opportunity to attend and be taught by specialists who will deliver individual, or a series of, lectures and workshops.