SOUND/IMAGE19 – Images from the weekend!

Thank you to everyone who came to be a part of #soundimage19! It was a weekend full of concerts, talks, screenings, performances unpacking the audiovisual and sharing ideas!

We had a really fantastic programme, with guests visiting us from all over the world. Below are some of the images from the weekend.

F 18W T8 G13 865

Dawid Liftiner, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Audiovisual Performance // 12 Minutes 10 x Fluorescent tube, Arduino, relays    F 18W T8 G13 865 is a highly concentrated audio-visual performance with a self-built instrument. Through a digital interface via software, Arduino and relays, fluorescent tubes are turned on and off controlled by the performer. Only the sound and noise produced by the tubes itself are recorded and (without manipulation) amplified. The high pitch sounds from the starters, the low hum from the ballast. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is what you see. When the tubes are turned off, the performance is finished.


Dawid Liftiner  *1986, in Austria, currently based in Cologne / Germany.  In my works I explore sensory and synaesthetic states through hand-built electronics harnessing the essential properties of light and sound across installations and performances.   Since 2018 I cooperate with the Neue Musik Ensemble ElectronicID as a light sound artist. Also, I am a co-founder with Stefan Tiefengraber of the curatorial soundart project radio433.     Formal Education, 2010 – 15 University of Art and Design Linz / Austria, Time-based and Interactive Media, BA 2015 – 16 Chinese Culture University 中國文化大學 Taipei / Taiwan (R.O.C.), Mandarin TOCFL Band B 2016 – now Academy of Media Arts Cologne / Germany, Media and Fine Art, Diploma.

Stars and Stripes

Jim Hobbs, University of Greenwich

Thirteen years ago, prior to moving to the UK from the States, I received a “Freedom Pack” from my wife’s brother This package contained all sorts of patriotic bumper stickers, badges, fridge magnets, and of course, an American flag. Stars & Stripes is a deconstruction/reconstruction of that flag – mathematically measured and structurally assembled using a very strict recipe: 50 stars, 13 stripes, two grommets, and a shitload of American spirit. The accompanying sound is a combination of a new score produced by Mordant Music with live overdubs from the film’s 16mm optical soundtrack.


Jim Hobbs (b. 1975, USA, Lives/Works UK) Jim Hobbs’ work utilizes a variety of media including 16mm film, video, installation, site-specific work, drawing, sculpture, sound and photography.  His work and research investigate the personal and social implications of loss, oblivion, history, memory and the subsequent acts of remembrance/memorialisation.  The work bears particular focus on how the use of architecture and monuments become a type of physical manifestation of that which is absent, and how these “stand-ins” can be used, manipulated, etc.  More recently, his work has moved into the realm of filmic installations, utilizing film as a time based material and medium to investigate these concerns. Intrinsically interlinked with this is a constant questioning of the role of the analogue within the digital age – how it functions, if it can override associations with nostalgia, and notions of the quality of image and how that relates to memory.  He has exhibited his work internationally in various museums, galleries, public spaces, and festivals.  Most recently he has toured the project (I)MAGESOUND(S) in the USA and Europe including Walter Bruno Auditorium, Lincoln Center at New York’s Public Library for the Performing Arts and the Danish Film Institute. He is the Programme Leader for MA Digital Arts and Senior Lecturer for the School of Design at The University of Greenwich, London, UK.

Hands Feed Roots

Brigid Burke, Independent Artist,

Based on the transformation of old buildings and sounds that are deconstructed into sounds and interwoven rhythms that depict a race against time and reaching the finishing line. Computer generated sounds have been mixed with clarinet, glass, traffic and air to create this energetic and pulse driven work. The visuals transport the viewer with snapshots of both degenerated line drawings of the buildings; that are fractured and contribute an ever-changing landscape of urban living.


Brigid Burke is an Australian clarinet soloist, composer, performance artist, visual artist, video artist and educator whose creative practice explores the use of acoustic sound, contemporary new music, technology, visual arts, video, notation and improvisation to enable cross media performances. Her work is widely presented in concerts, festivals, and radio broadcasts throughout Australia, Asia, Brazil, Europe and the USA. Currently she curates SEENSOUND a monthly Visual Music series at the LOOP Bar Melbourne – She has been a recipient of an Australia Council Project Music Fellowship and numerous new work commissions, Artist Residencies – USA, Australia and Singapore. Also most recently she has presented her works on the Big screen at Federation Square Melbourne, Tilde Festival, ABC Classic FM. and International Media Festival Prague, ICMC International Festivals, Generative Arts Festivals in Italy, Asian Music Festivals, Tokyo, She has a PhD in Composition from UTAS and a Master of Music in Composition from The University of Melbourne.