Voish of Magic

Véro Marengère, Université de Montréal

A composition in which air-related sounds like breath, insecticide pulveriser, swords being swung, pan flute made of recycled straws and horse’s whinnies dances with modular synthesis and melodies inspired by Messiaen. It tells a story, it tells a story so much that you can almost see the sounds. You can see the story.

It is Voish of Magic. 

It is an airy world of fairies, sensuality and intimacy. 


Véro Marengère is a composer and sound artist based in Montreal. Graduated from the Digital Music program of University of Montreal, her work is strongly influenced by Suzanne Ciani, Anna Friz, Holly Herndon and the experimental underground scene of Montreal. She creates musical compositions and performances aiming to carve a dialogue between sensuality and sound. Shaped by her work within the field of dance and instrumental music, her language blends together elements of music, sound design, dance and live performances. In the midst of her versatility, her artistic concern remain constant: fostering intimacy through the intangible and finding a balance between digital processing and organic sources.


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