Edgar Pacheca Ruiz, Estonian Academy of Music and Theater

Otisimine means ”Searching” in Estonian. This work is a journey of searching for the unknown. A leap into the void using photographs by Etienne Boile to give shape and color to an ambiguous and mysterious destiny where doubts and uncertainty are represented as holes and slits that arouse the curiosity of the viewer. This work is an abstract representation of how human beings can reach disturbing and unsuspected stadiums and conclusions through investigation and the need to solve our innermost vital intrigues.


Edgar Pacheca Ruiz (Alicante, 1990). Audiovisual artist, composer and music teacher. He studied Audiovisual Composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater and Composition at the Superior Conservatory of Alicante. Winner of the SOIS CULTURA contest in the category of New Creators. His works have been screened at festivals such as the “Estonian Music Days”, the “eviMUS 2018” of Germany or the PROJECT XIII (CEU) in Valencia, where he was finalist of the Audiovisual Creation contest. Currently studying a master program of Audiovisual Composition in Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.


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