Motion of the Leviathan

Max Bodendorf, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Motion of the Leviathan explores the aesthetics of noise. Through manipulation of video captured from a deficient screen noise is transformed to become the new subject whereas the actual representation dissolves into abstraction. The intention is to transcend the image which is based on a defect smart phone screen from its secular origin to create a sublime atmosphere out of audiovisual interdependencies and abstraction. The sound design consists of only two tracks. The first one is a consistent drone which is set to several different reverbs over time so the alternation of sound is not directly perceivable. The second track consists of noisy synth which alternates it´s spectrum of sound generating a rhythmic texture that varies in its intensity.


Max Bodendorf is an interdisciplinary designer, artist and author working within audiovisual media and media theory. He is currently studying in the master program time-based media at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

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