Angular Momentum

Michael Betancourt & Jean-Philippe Feiss, Savannah College of Art & Design

Angular Momentum was produced as a visual music collaboration where Michael Betancourt created the visuals and Jean-Philippe Feiss created the music. 


Michael Betancourt (°1971) is a critical theorist and research artist who works with movies and static imagery. A pioneer of databending images and video, he produced his first visually seductive glitch works in the 1990s by bringing the visionary tradition into the present: by emphasizing their digital origins, his aesthetics allows the viewer to find poetic meaning in everyday life. His movies screened internationally at the Black Maria Film Festival, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Festival des Cinemas Differents de Paris, Director’s Lounge (Berlin), Millennium Film Workshop, and Experiments in Cinema among others.

Jean-Philippe Feiss born in 1977, he studied cello at the Conservatory of Boulogne with Xavier Gagnepain. After that he played jazz and improvisation in several bands.  He founded Sibiel, a trio with guitar and double bass, in 2001. With Sibiel he played many concerts, recorded 3 albums and wrote music for 4 silent movies. He also plays in a cross over project with Louis Sclavis and a baroque trio. Since 2000 he has played with Richard Bona, Patrick Watson, Inga Liljestrom, Vincent Courtois.  Since a few years he works with visual artists like Sigalit Landau from Israel and Michael Betancourt from the USA, doing some sound and music for video or sculptures installations.

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