Paula García Stone, Independent Artist

I aim to make compositions that place us in a situation or state of mind. The sounds, although mostly abstracted, may reference occurrences in life, living in our bodies and in this world. I use my own field recordings, medical diagnostic sound, electronic abstractions and processing. This is a multitrack composition which I will play as a stereo file over the diffusion system. The title refers to the sounds that occur underneath, in water or skin maybe, suggesting an otherness to what we normally perceive with our ears.


As I am from a long tradition of Visual/Fine art practice, when I studied sound design & music technology at London College of Communication, I was struck by the use of visual language, such as shape, form, background and foreground, gesture and so on. The spatial and therefore corporeal aspect also fitted with my previous focus and thinking, where the human presence is there even in its absence. My sound compositions explore the spirit of being in a particular space, situation or state of mind. My first album was released on 21st September 2019 with the label Linear Obsessional.

I have performed with Linear Obsessional at The Loudspeaker Orchestra in St Alfege Church, University of Greenwich concerts, where I played my composition ‘Savour the day’ over a 20 speaker diffusion system with musician Sue Lynch improvising on flute & clarinet. Composed for Desire lines, for musicians to improvise. I have screened films at the IKLECTIK and Hundred Years Gallery, improvising with laptop, and have played with Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone and clarinet, Richard Sanderson, melodeon, and Charlotte Keeffe, trumpet, as well screened a silent film for improvising musicians at the IKLECTIK during the London New Wind Festival organised by Catherine Pluygers. I participated with Bicrophonics during The Summer Pedalling Games with Velocipede sketches’, a sound piece for ERNA a sonic bicycle which was ridden around London Fields Park. I first performed at The Horse IMPROV club at the Dog House in Kennington London with a solo improvisation with film and sound files. In 2008 while a student at LCC I performed at the Southbank Centre, London as part of David Toop’s laptop orchestra, Unknown Devices, with The London Sinfonietta and The RNCM, a 30 minute improvisation with projections by Pablo Fiasco. I have a BA in Fine Art (painting), an MFA and an MA with distinction in Creative Technology. It was on this MA that I started to work with sound, I continue to exhibit my visual pieces in galleries.


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