Tempus fugit

Paolo Pastorino, Independent Artist

Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus, with this phrase Virgilio describes the temporal condition to which the man is subjected. It is a phrase that comes from a context of life very different from that of modern man but still calls a very delicate question as interesting and current, life as a function of time.

“Tempus fugit” comes from a series of personal reflections on the perception of time. A time that escapes and devours all the things it has created. A time as a state of consciousness and perception that expands and contracts itself. A time observed on the faces of others, on my city, on my nearests and dearests. That time which influences us in our choices and which constantly fills our present in imagining the future and remembering the past.


Paolo Pastorino (Sassari – Italy – 1983) is an electroacoustic-acousmatic composer and music technologies professor in high school.

Since 2006 he starts to work as sound technician for some Rock, Industrial and Nu-Metal bands. He studied and graduated in electronic music and sound technologies at the Conservatory of Sassari and he is specialized in the same course at the Conservatory of Cagliari. His compositions have been presented in several contemporary and electroacoustic music festivals in different countries of the world: Convergence 2019 (De Montfort university, UK), EMAS (UK), Sound thought (UK), NoiseFloor festival (UK), Sound Spaces (Sweden), NYCEMF (New York), Mantis Sonification (Manchester), Sonorities (Belfast), Spot – Octandre (Bordeaux), VERV (Venice), OUA Electroacoustic Music Festival (Osaka University Of Arts), Dias de Música Electroacústica (Portugal), Festival Contemporanea Acusmatica (Udine -IT), PLAY900 (Museo Novecento – Florence), Festival MUSLAB (Buenos Aires), Datscha Radio 17 festival (Berlin), Microtopies (Barcelona), Elektro Arts (Romania), Klingt gut! International Symposium on Sound (Hamburg), Forum Wallis – Festival International de Musique Contemporaine (Switzerland), Seoul International Computer Music Festival (Gwangju), EX_NIHILO (Mexico), NSEME Louisiana State University (USA), San Francisco Tape Music Festival (USA), Mixtur (Barcellona), NWEAMO Festival (Tokyo), CIM (Cagliari – IT), EMUFest (Rome), CIRMMT (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology – Montréal), Art and science days (Bourges, France).

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