Sandra Vaiciulyte Winner of Fire Safety Hackathon first prize

Sandra as member of a team of 5 won a first prize (£2000) at
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for their idea that they called a Strategic Lifetime Decision-maker (SLTD)

Strategic Lifetime Decision-maker (SLTD) which is a multi-objective optimisation tool for fire safety in buildings.
A hackathon-based workshop to finalise proposed solutions and presentations is now due to take place on 22-23 May 2019 – again at IET London: Savoy Place. This free event will bring together industry experts, building owners, tech start-ups, coders and developers with the aim of creating new fire safety solutions that could radically change the face of fire safety in the UK and around the world.

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3MT – Competition FLAS / University of Greenwich

Judge’s Choice: Harriet Lowe (HSS) – Second language learning and the ‘knack’ for languages: are the rest of us doomed?

People’s Choice: Peter Soar (CMS) – Integrating Structural Mechanics in Microstructure Solidification Modelling

The 3 Minute Thesis competition is always a great event and a fantastic rehearsal for research students to begin to articulate their projects to broader audiences. In the recent heats, our Faculty winners were:

University wide winner for the 3MT – Competition

Receiving her award from Professor Javier Bonet is the People’s Choice winner, Harriet Lowe from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Ala Barzinji awarded the Gourmand International Cookbook Award for bringing Kurdish cuisine on the global food map

Ala has written an award-winning book on Kurdish Cuisine called Traditional Kurdish Food

Postgraduate Researcher from Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS), Ala Barzinji, has not just been working on her research on the ”prediction and identification of child obesity using machine learning”, she has been cooking up a storm in her kitchen too! Ala was awarded the prestigious Gourmand International Cookbook Award for her book ”Traditional Kurdish Food: An insight into Kurdish culinary heritage”. In this book she has shared traditional Kurdish recipes and those looking to try new recipes can grab a copy of the book on Amazon:

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School of Design – Student Outstanding International Achievement

Agnesa Pulvirenti’s work (above) is a practice research exploration of visual agnosia, described in Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, and showed the effect of visual impairments experienced in this disease.
Maria Vioque Nguyen’s work (above) was a large format, beautifully crafted circular visual interpretation of the emotions expressed in Molly Bloom’s 4000-word monologue from James Joyce’s Ulysses. A practice research piece that demonstrates her knowledge gained

Congratulations to Maria Vioque Nguyen and Agnese Pulvirenti (both year 3 BA Hons Graphic and Digital Design) for winning the ISTD Award (International Society of Typographic Designers) through the International Student Assessment Design Awards, and especially to Maria, who won a Commendation for her project, the highest possible award. She achieved one of only 10 Commendations awarded in the UK in 2019.

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