Even before you get access to the Moodle module sites you can find helpful information on this page to help you get online and find your way around the course.

Getting started with Moodle:

You will have access to the PGCertHE or ALTHE Moodle sites as soon as you are registered. Registration takes place towards the end of August, and the programme leader will email you mid-August, with guidance about the process.

Portal Access and Moodle Access

Once you are fully registered for the programme, you will have your:

You can log in to the portal, check your personal and PGCertHE / ALTHE details and access the programme information and modules on Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), as well as library information and resources and student guidance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are University of Greenwich staff or already had a university ‘affiliate’ staff log-in as a colleague from a partner college: 

you should use the staff login you are already using to log into the staff portal and Moodle to access your PGCertHE courses – not your new student login.

Using staff login will not affect your participation as a student in the courses on Moodle, or your assignment submission.  However, it is important to avoid any duplicate Moodle user problems which can affect access to your modules. So please DO NOT log in to Moodle via the portal with your PGCertHE/ ALTHE student login details.

Your Modules on Moodle:

Once you are registered and logged in you should be able to access ONE of the following on Moodle, depending on the programme you are undertaking:

· PGCert in HE & ACAD1288

. ALTHE Programme & ACAD1388

These two sites above contain relevant programme level information and guidance, including First Week activities.

Other modules (depending on whether you are undertaking the PGCert in HE or the Award):
· ACAD 1286 – Available shortly before teaching starts in September
· ACAD 1287 – Available from January, but the module should be listed on your BANNER record from registration onwards. Note: Your Banner record is accessible via ‘Student Records’ tab on the university portal.

If your modules do not appear on Moodle and/or in your record, you should e-mail the Programme Leader.

First Week Activities:

Once you have access to Moodle, please log in, start to explore online guidance and modules on the relevant Programme site – PGCert in HE & ACAD1288 OR ALTHE Programme & ACAD1388, and engage in the First Week activities from mid-September.

You can access the programme information and module sites by:
· Logging into the University portal
· Select the Moodle option, at the top of the page. You should see your modules.
· There is also a module ‘Search’ option on the right hand side of the page.

Update your web browser(s)

Ensure you have the most up-to-date versions internet browsers on your laptop/ computer to get the best experience when using Moodle and completing work on your programme. You can do this for free by visiting the verified websites for ­Firefox, ­Internet Explorer, ­­Safari, and/ or ­Google Chrome.

Forgotten Password/ Resetting Your Access

At the University of Greenwich you can manage your portal password by setting up password self-service – NB. only valid for non-Greenwich staff.
Click on the link and watch the first short video which tells you how to register for the password self service. It’s a good idea to do this as soon as you receive your user name/ password.

If you are a Greenwich member of staff, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to reset your password. More information here.

If you lose portal or Moodle access at any stage during the programme contact the IT Service Desk directly to resolve your issue. If the issue is not resolved within 2-3 working days, do get in touch with a member of the programme team, especially if near assessment deadlines.

Email: Telephone: 020 8331 7555

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