Upgrade to version 3.11

Our Moodle site has been upgraded from Moodle 3.9.12 to 3.11.7, with the upgrade it comes with the following new features.

  • A new student activity completion section, this displays completion criteria, opening dates and closing dates for each activity on a module.

Preview a section of a Moodle module page showing the activity completion feature.

  • An improved Quiz activity introduced a setting that allow you to create a Quiz question with specific settings, those settings are automatically saved and can be immediately applied to the next question. For Essay type questions you can now set minimum and maximum word counts and use Turnitin to check whether answers to Essay questions for evidence of plagiarism.

A screenshot of the Moodle quiz text editor with the Turnitin similarity percentage.

A screenshot of a Moodle quiz text editor showing word count is less than the required 10 words

  • Academics can now hide H5P Content by marking it as unlisted.

Screenshot show the HP5 setting with the Make Unlisted option selected.

  • Change playback speed allow you to change the audio and video playback speed with VideoJS, Moodle’s integrated media player.

Screenshot displaying the playback speed setting on a video on Moodle.

For more information on the above and other new features of Moodle 3.11 please check the latest release notes at https://docs.moodle.org/311/en/New_features or watch thisĀ video