Updates to help materials

Web services have made a few changes to the Moodle Help materials that are available for staff.
Details of these changes are shown below. Should you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

We have added the videos from the Moodle for Beginners and upcoming Moodle Resources and Activities online courses to complement the textual content that already exists. In addition to this a new category has been added ‘Videos Included’, this category when clicked will show all articles that contain video content.

Moodle help videos categoryThe image above shows the new category
on the front page of the help materials
Add an activity or resource
Adding a Book resource
Adding a Chat Activity
Adding a Choice activity
Adding a custom HTML Block
Adding a Database
Adding a Face to Face activity
Adding a Feedback activity
Adding a File resource
Adding a Folder resource
Adding a Forum activity
Adding a Glossary activity
Adding a Label resource
Adding a Lesson activity
Adding a Lightbox Gallery to view images
Adding a Page resource
Adding a Scheduler activity
Adding a URL Link
Adding a Wiki activity
Adding a YouTube video
Editing the Course Summary
Features Overview
Layout and Navigation
Layout and Navigation (courses)
New Features for Teachers
Showing and hiding content
The Student View: What do my students see ?
What is Moodle ?

Creating Moodle Groups from banner data
Quite a few users make use of Groups in Moodle to separate their content and students within their course.
This can be done manually, but can be quite cumbersome if the groups are large or you manage a number of courses for which you need to create groups and add students to them.
New instructions have been added that show you how to run a report from Business Objects and then use this data to send to Web Services for groups to be created and students assigned in bulk.
The instructions show you how to do this for creating groups by personal tutor, but you can also name the choose different names for the groups and assign the students as you wish.
Click here to go to the article: Creating Moodle Groups by Personal Tutor (or other group name)
Thanks to Kathy Jacobs (Moodle Admin – Education and Health) and Christine Williams (Moodle Admin – Business) who provided us with the process that is used in faculties, and suggesting this is shared on the Help Materials

Contextual help when adding an Activity / Resource
We have made changes to Moodle so that when you are adding an Activity or Resource, there is now an additional help link to our Greenwich specific materials.
This new link can be found in the Activity/Resource selection box when adding a new Activity/Resource to your course. Clicking the new link will open a new window directly to the relevant help material.

Moodle contextual help when adding activity or resource

Where Can I Find Moodle Help ?
There is always a link to our Moodle help pages close at hand when you need it
• Our moodle help pages can be found here http://blogs.gre.ac.uk/moodlehelpstaff (This site !)
• There is a link to our help pages from the footer of nearly every page in moodleMoodle help links footer

• Our help pages are also link to, from the IT and Library web pages for the VLE here http://www.gre.ac.uk/it-and-library/staff/e-learning/vle
• Generic Moodle help (not specific to University of Greenwich) can be found on the main moodle site http://docs.moodle.org
If you are using this site to look for help, please ensure you are looking at the help for the version of Moodle we are currently using (2.8) as the functionality may be different in other versionsMoodle Docs 2.8 Selection

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