Turnitin M14:11 Loading Error


M14:11 Error message

This error may appear under the following circumstances:

  • A student attempts to view their submission
  • A student attempts to access their originality report
  • A staff member attempts to mark the submission
  • A grey pencil is shown in the submission inbox along with an originality report score

This error is caused when the submission is being loaded to view in the document viewer in Turnitin. (The document viewer is used to view the originality report and also to access GradeMark for grading and adding comments.)
Turnitin have confirmed to us that this is a known issue, and the paper needs to be “re-processed”

Resolution Option 1 - Log into Turnitin and re-process submission

You are able to resolve this issue yourself by logging into Turnitin and re-processing papers with errors:

  1. Note the problematic paper ID’s from within the relevant submission list in Moodle.
  2. Log into turnitinuk.com
    For details on how to log into turnitin please see the following article Logging directly into turnitinuk.com
  3. Once logged in, you will be shown a list of your ‘Turnitin classes’; each Turnitin activity in Moodle is a separate  ‘Turnitin class’.
    Click on the class title that will match the moodle course code.
  4. You will now be shown all submission activities within the Turnitin class; select the submission point you have issues with by clicking the ‘View’ link
  5. You will now be shown a list of the submission that have been made. Submissions showing a black exclamation mark (!) indicates that there may be an issue with the submitted paper.
  6. Locate the paper ID noted in STEP 1
  7. Click the black exclamation mark to re-process the paper; the submission date and time will not be changed. A message will let you know that the paper has been re-submitted.
    The image below shows the submission at the top of the list has been submitted for re-processing
    (Names and grades have been removed from this screen grab and replaced with black blocks)

Turnitin have a help document that explains the submission inbox in more detail here

Resolution Option 2 - Log an incident with the IT Service Desk

As with all moodle issues, the Course Leader / Course Instructor can log an incident with the IT Service Desk and this will be passed to Turnitin to resolve.
When logging an incident please be sure to include the following information

  • Moodle course code (as it appears in Moodle – i.e. ABCD-1234-M01-2016-17-130)
  • The full title of the Turnitin Submission link as it appears in Moodle
  • All Turnitin Paper IDs that require re-processing from the submission inbox

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