Turnitin Error: Duplicate Paper ID showing in Turnitin submission inbox

It is important that you DO NOT delete any duplicates as this can result in ALL submissions with that Paper ID being deleted.


Occasionally you will see that a submission to a Turnitin assignment shows more than once in the submission inbox in moodle.

  • The title, paper ID and submission date/time is the same for the duplicates, as shown below



We are unsure as to the cause of this issue. The duplicate items with same the paper IDs are not additional submissions, but only showing as such.


You are able to resolve this issue yourself by refreshing the erroneous items in the submission inbox.

  1. Open the submission inbox for the Turnitin activity that has duplicate Paper IDs
  2. Click the refresh icon to the right of the screen turnitin-refresh-submission-icon
  3. When the submission inbox has refreshed the duplicate will be gone.
    You may need to do this more than once if further duplicates remain.
    If duplicates are not removed with this method, please log an incident with the IT Service Desk ensuring you note the following information
    When logging an incident please be sure to include the following information
  • Moodle course code (as it appears in Moodle – i.e. ABCD-1234-M01-2016-17-130)
  • The full title of the Turnitin Submission link as it appears in Moodle
  • Turnitin Paper IDs that appear as duplicates

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