Moodle Reminder

Moodle Reminder

The Moodle Reminder plugin is a Moodle activity that allows you to send out reminder emails to your students to return to the course and complete their activities. More information about the Reminder Plugin can be found on the official website.

Please note: The original name of this Moodle activity is called ‘Reengagement’, we have renamed this to ‘Reminder’ to meet our requirements.

How to set a Reminder activity to remind your students to complete a Moodle activity  

In this scenario, we want to set up a Reminder activity to send out emails to remind students to complete a Moodle Quiz activity in 2 weeks time.

1. Turn the editing on within your Moodle module and within the module section, click on the ‘Add an activity or resource’ link.

Moodle activity menu with Reminder activity highlighted

2. After you have clicked on the Reminder activity, you will be presented with the settings screen below.

Reminder name
You will be required to give this Reminder activity a name. In this scenario, we are going to name it ‘Quiz 1 Reminder‘.

Notify user
Select ‘After delay’ for this option as we want to notify the user after a certain period of time.

Third-party recipients
You can send a reminder email to a third party user by adding their recipient email address in this field. In this scenario, we are going to leave this field empty.

Notification delay
This is where you set the delay period. We want to send out the reminder emails in two weeks time, start from today’s date and time. For example, If we have set up the Reminder activity on 15/02/2021 at 13:09, the reminder emails should be sent out on 28/02/2021 at 13:09 or around that time.

Reminder count
This is the number of times an e-mail is sent after each delay period.  In this scenario, we have selected 1 time.

There are some limits to the values you can use, see below for more information:

          • Less than 24 hrs – limit of 2 reminders.
          • Less than 5 days – limit of 10 reminders.
          • Less than 15 days – limit of 26 reminders.
          • Over 15 days – maximum limit of 40 reminders.

Reminder Activity Settings Screen with notification content field

Notification content (User)

This is where you enter the reminder email content.

Notification subject (Third-party)

If you have entered a third party recipient email address, this is where you enter their reminder email subject title.

Notification content (Third-party)

If you have entered a third party recipient email address, this is where you enter their reminder email content.

Suppress notification if target activity is complete

In this scenario, we have ticked the box for this option as we want to suppress the reminder notification if the student has completed the target activity e.g. Quiz 1.

Reminder activity settings screen with the suppress notification tick box

Target activity

We have selected ‘Quiz 1’ as the target activity.  If a student has completed this Moodle activity, she/he will not receive a reminder email.

3.  Click Save and return to course to complete the setup of this Reminder activity.