Moodle participants list

The Participants page enables instructors to easily view, search for, filter and email students.

You can send a Moodle message or add a note via the drop down menu below the list of course participants.

Just select the relevant users from the participants list and then from the “With selected users…” menu, choose “Send a message”.

Also, the filter at the top left of the screen allows for filtering by period of activity, enrolment method, group, role and status.

You can also search users by any of the fields. Some of the searchable fields, such as username, first name and last name, allow you to use wildcards to represent one or more characters. There are two wildcards:

  •  % The percent sign represents zero, one, or multiple characters
  • _ The underscore represents a single character (Note: MS Access uses a question mark ‘?’ instead of the underscore ‘_’).

These wildcards can be escaped, if needed, to search users containing them, using a backslash ‘\’:

  • A_B will find all the users starting with an A, followed by any character and then B (i.e. AxB or A2B, but not AxxB).
  • A\_B will find users starting exactly with ‘A_B’.

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