Moodle Direct for non-UoG users (CPD, Short Courses, NQT/L)

This article contains information relating to the process for administering a non-banner course on the External Moodle for non-UoG users. Examples of courses that this would be useful for are Continual Professional Development (CPD) or Short Courses.

Our externally accessible Moodle has been configured to allow users to self-register using an email address, and self-enrol to courses. This allows for better management of courses for external users, whilst keeping a distinct separation between our core business Moodle that is used for students and that for non-banner users.

There are two documents attached below, one for staff, and one for external users who will be using Moodle Direct for their learning.

Help guide for staff
This guide describes the process of requesting a new course for Moodle Direct, setting up content, and enrolment methods.

MoodleDirect Guide for staff

Help guide for users
This guide contains the information for external users such as creating an account, resetting passwords and how to enrol on a course

MoodleDirect guide for external users

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