Moodle Baseline

The university has established baseline expectations for Moodle sites, which you can find here.

We recognise that programmes and modules vary in their delivery and the guidance provides clarity for module leaders and programme teams.

The Moodle Baseline aims to help you to understand what needs to be present on your Moodle site, how to structure it and use it to communicate with students.

It provides guidance on how to ensure that it is accessible to all students. By meeting these baseline expectations, you will help to ensure that students receive a consistent and high-quality experience next year.

Greenwich Learning & Teaching (GLT) and ILS will offer workshops in July on implementing the new accessibility guidelines and GLT also continues to offer CPD workshops over the summer to support you to prepare for the next academic year.

You can also self-enrol on the Adjusting to Blended Learning Environment Moodle site which provides relevant tips, guidance and examples.

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