Logging directly into turnitinuk.com

General Information

Turnitin can be used directly through the official website (http://www.turnitinuk.com). This is an effective way of using features that are currently unavailable through the Turnitin Direct Moodle plugin and can also be used to fix some issues.

After opening the Turnitin website, you can find the login button on the top right hand side (fig. 1) which will take you to a new page prompting you to enter your login details (fig. 2).

tii_bulk_01Your email address registered with Turnitin will be the same format as shown in Moodle; it is important that you use the correct email address as this is how Turnitin links your user account to your moodle courses.
To check your email address in Moodle click the link below to go to your Moodle user profile.

If you can’t remember your login details, or have never received an email containing them, please just click the ‘Reset Password’ link (fig.2.1) and follow the on screen instructions.
Alternatively you can visit the ‘Reset Password’ page directly under: http://turnitinuk.com/password_reset1.asp

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