Creating a Turnitin Assignment

For further information on Turnitin including pedagogical advice click here for the Educational Development Unit help page


tii_01Turnitin assignments are added from the course home page. From the course home page, switch editing on and then click Add an Activity or Resource in the required topic. You must select the new “Turnitin Direct” Assignment type, found underneath Survey and above Wiki.
You will then see the initial settings screen (see below graphic)


Advanced options
Report Generation Speed
  • Generate reports immediately, first report is final
    Originality Reports for all submissions will be generated immediately. Students cannot resubmit papers. Submissions must be deleted by the instructor to enable re-submission.
  • Generate reports immediately, reports can be overwritten until due date
    Originality reports for the initial submission by each student user to this assignment will be generated immediately. Students may resubmit as often as the student wishes until the assignment due date. Originality Reports for the second or subsequent submission will require a 24 hour delay before the Originality Report begins processing.
    Only the latest submission is available to the instructor or student. Previous versions are removed. Student submissions will compare against one another within the assignment on the due date and time, which may result in a change in the Originality Report similarity index and results at the due date and time.
    This option is typically used when students are self-reviewing and revising their submissions and able to view the Originality Report. No re-submissions after the due date and time of the assignment.
  • Generate reports on due date
    Originality Reports will not be generated for any submission until the due date and time of the assignment. Students may resubmit as many times as needed until the due date and time without receiving reports. Re submissions may not be made after the due date and time of the assignment.


Store Student Papers
The Store Student Papers has three options: in the Standard Repository, the institution’s repository, or to not store the papers. The default is to store the student papers in the standard repository.


Repository Sources for Originality Reports
The instructor is able to select the available repository sources to compare assignment submissions against.
This allows an instructor to disregard a source type if the comparison against this type of source is not needed.
There are three database search options:

  • Check against stored student papers
  • Check against the internet
  • Check against the journals, periodicals and publications.

The default for each of these search options is set to “Yes”.

Working with a Turnitin Assignment
After completion of the assignment settings the ‘Summary‘ page (fig. 1) that you will be taken to after opening (directly clicking on) an assignment, gives you the opportunity to update the assignment parts and balance the grades awarded for each part, as a proportion of the overall grade.


To edit the dates and grades awarded for each part click the pencil icon (fig. 1.1) and you will be taken to a new page seen in figure 2. The default dates for each assignment part are initially set to one week from the date that the assignment was created.


  • The Start Date determines the earliest time a student can make a submission to that assignment part.
  • The Due Date determines the date by which time the student must submit their work. If allowing late submissions, any submissions made after this date will be marked in red as an indicator.
  • The Post Date determines when marks/grades will be released to students. If anonymous marking is switched on, this also represents the date when student names are revealed to the instructor.
Turnitin Class Owner


Currently within Turnitin each class is managed by a single instructor. Moodle maps all enrolled Tutors to this one Turnitin Owner in order to facilitate multiple instructor access. An instructor on the Moodle course may change this ‘owner‘ by clicking the pencil icon (fig.3) shown in fig. 1.2 and change the owner.
This does not affect Moodle in any way but it does allow the Owner to log in to Turnitin and see the class natively within the Turnitin website.


Submit Paper on behalf of a Student

To submit a paper as a tutor on behalf of a student first click on the tab ‘Submit Paper(fig. 5) then follow these steps:

  1. Select the student’s name from the drop down list
  2. Enter a submission title
  3. Select the submission part from the drop down list; if only one part is available then this defaults to the single part.
  4. Enter the submission source:
    1. For a file upload, click on the
      Browse… button and select the file
      you wish to upload. Acceptable file
      types are doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt and html.
    2. For a text submission, enter the text into the ‘Text Submission‘ text area.
  5. Click on the ‘Add Submission‘ button to submit the file


Viewing the Turnitin Submission Inbox

When you are logged in as a Tutor you can access the student submission inbox by clicking the ‘Submission Inbox‘ tab (fig. 6).

  • The submission inbox operates in two modes depending on the number of submissions and a third mode if anonymous marking is enabled
  • For a multi-part assignment each student is listed with a summary of the submissions they have made. More information and full details of their submissions can be viewed by clicking the [+] icon to the left of their name.
  • By clicking the headings of the Student Submission, Submitted, Similarity or Grade columns you can change the submission order. By default submissions are listed in the order of Similarity Index from high to low.
  • Refresh Submissions is used to check Turnitin for any changes, and updates Moodle with the latest Turnitin submission data for that assignment.
  • Enrol All Students is used to enrol all students currently enrolled on the Moodle course onto the Turnitin class associated with that course. As a part of this process students will have a Turnitin account created if they do not already have one associated with their Moodle email address.
  • Clicking the students name in the list will open that student’s Moodle profile.
  • By clicking the submission title you will see the submission. If the submission has not yet been submitted to Turnitin then it will reference the uploaded file on the Moodle server, if the file has been submitted to Turnitin it will be referenced from the Turnitin server.
  • When the submission has been uploaded to Turnitin, an originality report will be generated. The Similarity Index percentage will be displayed in the ‘Similarity‘ column when it becomes available, until the Report is available the Similarity column will display ‘Pending’.
  • The Grade column will display the grade in one of two ways:
    • If Use GradeMark is enabled and set to ‘Yes, use GradeMark to grade submissions’ then the grade for the paper will be displayed with a GradeMark apple beside it. Clicking this apple will open GradeMark for this submission.
    • If Use GradeMark is not enabled or set to ‘No, use Moodle to grade submissions’ then the grade for the paper will be displayed with a pencil icon beside it. Clicking this icon will allow you to enter a numeric grade for this submission.
  • The Feedback column allows the tutor to give feedback to the student in relation to the submission. The student’s inbox also provides the opportunity for the student to reply to feedback or leave their own comments.
  • The Download icon allows you to download a copy of the submission.
  • The Delete icon allows you to delete this submission.
Options Tab

The ‘Options’ tab (fig.7) gives you additional options and control over your Turnitin assignment.


  • Auto Submit can be set to ‘Submit to Turnitin immediately on Upload’ to upload the submission to Turnitin immediately or can be set to ‘Review Upload before Submitting to Turnitin’ which requires the student to click the ‘Submit to Turnitin’ to finalise the submission.
  • Use GradeMark can set to ‘Yes, use GradeMark to grade submissions’ or ‘No, use Moodle to grade submissions’
  • Grade Display allows you to set whether the Grade will be displayed in the inbox as a percentage (default) or as a fraction of maximum marks e.g. 76/100.
  • Auto Refresh Grade / Scores determines whether the Grades / Originality Scores are generated automatically when you enter / re-enter the inbox or if you want to disable the auto refresh function and manually refresh submissions by clicking the ‘Refresh Submissions’ link.
  • Submission List lets you determine if the inbox displays only students that have made submissions or all students regardless.
  • Comments Remain Editable lets you set the window of time within which a student may edit the comments left in the feedback screen.
  • Maximum Comment Length allows you to limit the number of characters allowed in a feedback comment.

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