Creating a Moodle assignment

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Creating an Assignment

The new assignment module in Moodle 2.3 onwards combines the previous assignment types into a single assignment with editable settings.
This means an assignment combining editable text and file submission can be created.
So rather than ask “What type of assignment do I want?” you can now add an assignment and select which options you need.

The standard assignment submission options available are:

  • File submissions (students submit a file for assessment)
  • Online text (students can type their responses directly in Moodle)
  • Submission comments

It is also possible to create an ‘offline’ assignment, ie. one that has no Moodle component.


In order to use Moodle you must have ‘cookies enabled’ on your web browser. By agreeing to this Data Protection Statement, you agree to allow certain information about you to be collected from Moodle.

The types of information we collect may include usage statistics, for example when users last logged into the system, when they accessed certain activities, or when they uploaded their assignments.

We use this information to help improve Moodle services by ensuring that the material and content of the courses match with the users’ requirement and also to make sure users are not having problems with access. The usage statistics are visible to the Moodle administrators and may be visible to your course tutors.

Who will have access to your information?

Fellow students on your course and authorized persons, for example external examiners, will have access to your name, email address, photograph and any discussion comments you make. You and your fellow students will be able to view each other’s profiles.

Only you and authorized persons will have access to your assessment information.

For further information and help on data protection issues, please visit the Data Protection web pages.


Please also note that Moodle may contain links to other websites outside the University’s control and that the University is not responsible for the content or accessibility of these sites.

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