Course Meta-linking in Moodle


Course meta-linking allows one course to share enrolments from other courses. This can be used when different instances or modes of a course share the same course content but the user enrolment differs. For example, a course may have three instances: M01, M02 and M03. Each instance has different students enrolled (full time and part time for example) but M01 is the only instance that contains course content. M02 and M03 are meta-linked to M01 thus providing the content for these instances. Changes can be made to the content of M01 and all enrolled users from M02 and M03 will see those changes.

It is important to hide meta-linked courses (other than the main course containing the shared content), otherwise these “empty” courses will show on a user’s course list and will appear confusing.

Please note that in order to meta-link you need the Course Leader role in both courses.

Meta Linking a Course

  • Select the course that you wish to be the main course (and that will contain the course content)
  • From the Cog icon menu in the top right hand of the page select More, then from the Course Administration settings select Users and then Enrolment Methods



  • Select Course meta link from the drop down menu under the course enrolment methods


  • Select the course that you require to be meta-linked (MO2 for example) and click on add method
  • You can now select the course(s) you want to meta link from the Link course section by either selecting a course from the drop down menu or searching for the course by typing in the name into the search box

Remember – To avoid confusion hide the course that you have linked in to


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