Assignment Bulk Download

General Information

Turnitin can be used directly through the official website ( This is an effective way of using features that are currently unavailable through the Turnitin Direct Moodle plugin such as the bulk download of multiple assignments.

For more information on logging into Turnitin including which credentials you should use, please refer to this article Logging directly into


Finding the assignment

After logging in, you will be presented with your personalized Dashboard that shows a recent ‘Activity Stream’ (fig. 3.1) as well as all courses available to you (fig. 3.2).
Select the desired course from the dropdown menu (fig. 3.2) and you will be presented with all currently active assignments within that course (fig. 4).



Bulk Downloading

After navigating to your desired course and selecting the assignment you will be presented with a list of all the hand in’s (fig.5).

Click on the ‘select all’ checkbox (fig. 5.1) to select ALL submissions (even the ones that are not showing up on the current page!).


Note: If you only want to select files from the current page, click on the ‘Select only papers on this page’ link (fig. 6.1) that will pop up as soon as you clicked the ‘select all’ checkbox (fig. 5.1).


Now click on the ‘download’ button above the author column (fig. 6.2) and select either ‘Original File’ or ‘GradeMark Paper’.

Note: Clicking ‘Original File’ will (as the name suggest) download the latest versions of the original submissions, uploaded by students whereas ‘GradeMark Paper’ will download the graded versions of these assignments.

IMPORTANT: If you select all papers within your class the papers that have not been graded with GradeMark will not be included in the bulk download

After making your selection, a message will appear above your assignment inbox indicating that the selected files are being compressed into a zip file (fig. 7) and once compression is complete the file will be available to download in the Turnitin messages inbox to download. Click on ‘ok’ to accept the download.


To access your download once zipping is completed please open your messages tab by clicking ‘Messages’ in the top right corner of the page (fig. 8).


As soon as your file(s) are ready for download, a new message will appear (fig. 9). Clicking on it will take you to a new page which contains a link to the zip archive (fig. 10).



Note: There may be more than one link due to the large number of files selected for compression. To download all the files you selected for compression please make sure to click on all of the available links.

Please also be aware that for courses with hundreds of assignments and / or assignments with large file sizes, it might take up to 15 minutes for the download to be available under ‘Messages

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