Add a new event to your Moodle Calendar and link this to Teams

New Calendar Event
This guide describes the process that allows Module Instructors/Leaders to create a new event in their Moodle course and link it to a Teams meeting.

Please note: Staff with Moodle editing rights (such as module leaders, instructors, administrators) will have the ability to create Teams links in Moodle but only the person presenting the event should create the link to set up the meeting options correctly.

Image of the Moodle Calendar block

To add a new event, go to your Moodle course and click on the relevant month on the Calendar block to get an expanded month view. In the “Calendar” view, click the “New Event” button on the top right hand corner of your screen.

Image of New Event button

On the “New Event” page, enter the event title, date and select the type of event:

  • A User Event will only be visible by the user that created that event.
  • Course Event will be visible to participants on the course in question. (Only users with the capability to manage calendar entries at the course level can add course events).
  • Group Event will be visible to a particular Group on the course (chosen from a drop-down list). Please note that you can only add group events if your Moodle course already has groups created. Also, it is not possible to select multiple groups when adding a group event.

Add new event title, date, type

Then add a description using the Atto Editor, type the text which you would like to use as a meeting link, select it and click on the Microsoft Teams  icon.

Add description and select the text

Select  Create meeting link  (you will need to sign into your Microsoft Teams account the first time you use it).

Enter a meeting title, date, and time, then click Create. The link will show in the field “Your meeting URL”. Mark “Open in a new window” if you want the meeting to open in a new tab and click “Add link” to finish.

To reach meeting options select the text with the meeting link that you have created before and click on the Microsoft Teams  icon in the Atto Editor toolbar.

You will get to the same screen with two buttons – “Go to Meeting” and “Meeting Options”.

Click on the “Meeting Options” button and a new browser window will open with your meeting options.

Please note: Only the person presenting the event  needs to create the link and set up the meeting options. It is strongly recommended to set presenter status to ‘only me’ in the meeting options.

Once you have saved your meeting options, click on save event and the meeting link will appear for students in the description of the event. Example of event. Student View

You can create weekly events by selecting “Repeat this event” and then enter the number of weeks

Repeat event option

You can only create multiple events on a weekly basis. If you are planning on scheduling bi-weekly or monthly meetings you will need to delete the extra meetings that are not required. To do so, click on the relevant month on the Calendar block to get an expanded monthly view

Calendar view multiple events

Select the meeting to be deleted and click on “Delete” and then confirm by clicking on “Delete this event”.

Example of Calendar event

Choose your meeting options
  • Who can bypass the lobby?

Everyone / People in my organization / People in my organization and trusted organizations

  • Always let callers bypass the lobby?

Yes / No

  • Announce when callers join or leave?

Yes / No

  • Who can present?

Everyone / People in my organization / Specific People / Only me.


Please note: you can also add further restrictions to your meeting link by enabling the “Restrict Access” section in Moodle. To get to this, click ‘Edit’ alongside the activity you want to restrict and then choose ‘Edit Settings’, or add a new activity, which will bring you to the settings page.

For more information about Restrict Access, please check the Official Moodle Help Materials available here.

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