Access to Moodle

Who gets access?

Every member of staff and student is automatically given a Moodle user account.

Process and timings

Staff and students’ Moodle accounts are created automatically. All users need to be registered with the University, either with a staff or student account, or via an affiliate account (as described below). All access to Moodle is via the University Portal – temporary and external guest logins are not available.

Student account creation

Student Moodle accounts are created as part of the registration process. Once students have selected their courses during online registration these are added to their Banner record.

Moodle uses Banner to handle all student enrolments, so it is essential that all information held in Banner is accurate. If students are unable to see Moodle courses that have been made available by staff, they should first check their Banner enrolments and make sure that their registration is complete, and that their Student Schedule shows all of the courses that they are studying.

Once enrolled in Banner, students should allow 24 hours for their enrolments to transfer to Moodle.

Teaching staff and Faculty/Office Moodle administrators cannot manually add students to courses from the authorised course list (i.e. courses that are listed on Banner), as all student registration on these courses is controlled by Banner.

Automatic enrolment begins at the start of online registration. Read-only access to all courses is available until the end of online registration. At the end of online registration read-only access is turned off and students who are not enrolled on the Moodle course will no longer have access to course materials.

Staff account creation

All staff are entitled to a computing account which is created from their details in the HR staff database. New members of staff who have not been issued with an account (or are unsure of their account details) should contact the IT Help Desk.

Partner and Network College staff

Partner and Network College staff will need to apply for an affiliate account through the ARMS process to get a Portal account and Moodle account (access to the Portal and Moodle should be requested in the application). Information can be found HERE.

Affiliate account holders are not automatically assigned to any Moodle courses, and need to be added manually by Faculty administrators or course leaders. Once an account has been created, affiliate account holders should contact the Course Leader of the course they need to be added to (in the case of External examiners, Faculty policies differ locally – please contact Faculty admins for advice). Following manual addition to a course, the staff member will see that course on their Moodle homepage immediately.

External Examiners

External examiners’ accounts are requested by Faculties with details emailed on to External examiners.

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