Prints Swap + Career Review

By Valerio Trafeli

Rediscovered Photographs: Print swap and exhibition tour with Metro Imaging” was hosted by the Calvert 22 Foundation on the 20th of June.

It turned out to be a meeting between a few photographers, the assistant curator and the editor of the gallery Hannah Zafiropoulos and Liza Premyiak, Kate O’Neill, the Marketing & Partnerships Manager at the Metro Imaging Gallery and the award-winning photographer Owen Harvey.


Hannah talked us through the “Family Values: Polish Photography Now” exhibited in the Gallery until the 22nd of July and the quality of the work left me very impressed.


During the three hour session, we had a chance to discuss our most dear work on the theme of rediscovery and exchange a print of our choice with each other. A small Q&A session with Kate and Owen was very useful in terms of tips and strategies on how to move within the industry, approach galleries, and network to find the right people for your type of work. Starting with helping and assisting other photographers and being able to push yourself to always experiment and produce more work. Especially as a freelancer, when the workload is lighter, you have to have plan B in terms of tasks to fall back onto. Entering competitions and award, networking more and getting your work in front of more people, attending exhibitions. In the end, it all comes down to having the persistence to keep stacking up work and bit by bit you will succeed more and more.

All the photographers, myself included went through a very accurate portfolio review held by Hannah and Liza, which I found almost eye opening on what my body of work is at the moment, and can become in the future. Structure and narrative are key for a collection. When choosing work for the gallery, the focus is very much on how well a photographer can tell a story. The technical skills are often not enough, it’s very important to shoot with a clear intention.


Photos by (c) Nat Urazmetova.

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