Media Mixer Post Scriptum

By Roxana Pomplun, Media and Communications, Year 2

Media is everywhere, and it is such events as Media Mixer where you realise how true it is. Organised by final year media student Sarah King @sarah.amy.king, featuring an inspirational keynote by a wonderful media graduate USA-Asia-Europe-now-UK bound Dr Jodi Nelson-Tabor @digital_resrchr, some great media buzz and a hypnotic DJ set by our Sound Design student Eduard Fadgyas(check him out! this was a true success. 

That evening, I exchanged phone numbers with some (very important!) people, and even got a hint for a possible part time job opportunity within the media industry for next term. Talking from experience and this particular event, I would encourage everyone to go out to events like this and socialise. You never know where you encounter a great future opportunity, for contacts are indispensable in this industry.

Some photos below to follow the Zeitgeist.

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