Public Seminar – European Diplomatic Shifts and the Development of Plymouth Naval Base 1717-1730

The next public research seminar of the 2012-13 programme will be taking place on Wednesday 20th February 2013 and will be presented by our very own, Dr Chris Ware.

Abstract: Between 1715 and 1727 Britain sent nine substantial squadrons to the Baltic to safeguard its interests. However, as the situation in the north of Europe began to settle, distrust began to increase again between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar and trade in the West Indies. Fighting at Gibraltar in 1727 led to an extended period of tension. In 1732 for instance, Spanish military preparations resulted in British fears of a Jacobite invasion. This talk traces the development of Plymouth naval base against this diplomatic background, not only of the dockyard, but of the victualling and ordnance yards and the naval hospital. There was significant and continuous investment throughout these years, often regarded as a period of quiescence. Plymouth was not only a ‘fully-fledged’ dockyard by the beginning of the 1739-48 war, but also a significant naval base.

Location: Edinburgh Room (075), Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LS

Time: The seminar will begin at 6pm with refreshments available from 5.30pm

Anyone is welcome to attend this free event and no booking is required. If you would like any further information however please telephone the GMI Office on 020 8331 7688 or email

Plymouth Image