History book donation – new titles to come and read

Here at the Greenwich Maritime Institute we are very lucky to have some fantastic supporters.  Only today Micheal Clark,  a History student graduating in 2006, visited us to donate some wonderful books.  Micheal Clark has been a reviewer of titles for The Northern Mariner.

The Norther Mariner is a fully refereed journal devoted to all aspects of the North Atlantic and North Pacific. It publishes essays,notes and documents on a variety of naval and maritime history, including merchant shipping, maritime labour, naval history, shipbuilding, fishing, ports, trade, nautical archaeology and maritime societies. TNM/LMN is published quarterly by The Canadian Nautical Research Society in association with the North American Society for Oceanic History (NASOH)

One example title is : The rise of an early modern shipping industry, Whitby’s golden fleet, 1600-1750 by Rosalin Barker 

whitby book


The ancient but isolated town of Whitby has mad a huge contribution to the maritime history of Britain: Captain Cook learned sailing and navigation here; during the eighteenth century the town was a provider of an exceptionally large number of transport ships in wartime; an in the nineteenth century Whitby became a major whaling port.  This book examines how it came to be a such an important shipping center. 

All are welcome to come and read this title amongst others in our Greenwich Maritime Institute office at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.