Too Big to Ignore – Social Wellbeing and the Values of Small-scale Fisheries

Too Big To Ignore (TBTI has published a book on the “Social Wellbeing and the Values of Small-scale Fisheries” edited by Derek Johnson, Natasha Stacey, Julie Urquhart and Greenwich Maritime Centre’s director Tim Acott!

This book advances discussions of values in fisheries by showing the rich theoretical insights and connections possible when value is ground in a multi-dimensional social well being approach. Questions of value have long been a central, if often unacknowledged, concern in maritime studies and in research on fisheries. Social scientists have looked at changing perceptions of value as coastal regions and fisheries have industrialized, economic interconnections have deepened, ecosystems have been depleted, shifts in population have occurred, and governance arrangements have been transformed.

You can find out more, and links to order, here:


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