Dr Cathryn Pearce presenters ‘Jibber the Kibber, Pirate Wreckers and False Lights: Wrecking in British Folklore’

Wednesday June 4th
6.30 – 8pm

The Royal West of England Academy , Bristol



George Morland, The Wreckers, c.1791, oil on canvas, Southampton City Art Gallery.

“The rich maritime folklore of England includes enduring stories of wreckers who lured ships ashore by using false lights. These stories are so prevalent that Cornwall in particular is identified in the popular mind with the practice. Debates on the truth or falsity of the false light myth have occupied historians and laypersons from the nineteenth century to the present. However, it is my belief that these investigators have been lured by a proverbial false light of their own”.

In this lecture, Dr Cathryn Pearce will introduce a new perspective by looking at several important stories to determine how they came into the folklore, what their role was, and how they became accepted as evidence of actual practice.

Admission prices

Tickets £5, FRWA/RWA Academicians/Artist Network Members/Students £3

To book please call the RWA on 0117 973 5129 or alternatively pop into the Gallery and book at Reception.

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