Warp-It Resource Reuse


What is Warp It?

Warp It is an equipment/furniture/resource reuse and management system, designed to make it easy for employees to give surplus work items to other individuals inside the University. The system includes listings of reusable furniture, fixtures and fittings, office consumables (stationary and ink jet cartridges) and electronic equipment that is no longer needed and is therefore up for grabs by other members of organisations.

Why is it useful?

Many unwanted items are often thrown out, this needs to be reduced. Warp It makes transferring of ownership quick and easy due to better communication.  If you have an item you no longer require, please advertise it on Warp It. If you are looking for an item, please check Warp It before you buy new.

Warp It will help limit the amount of waste the University sends to landfill and reduce both our disposal costs and our carbon footprint. Re-using furniture and office supplies saves money spent on purchasing new equipment and helps to free-up the space occupied by unused equipment. Each transaction is monitored and every participant is registered, which means that waste disposal obligations and legal liability concerns are met. The portal also provides detailed up-to-date information on both the environmental benefits and financial savings generated.

Quick overview of Warp It


What other universities have achieved by using Warp It.

The University of St Andrews saved £1,000 in purchasing costs on their first day of using Warp It.

University College London saved over £80,000 in 18 months and won a Sustainable Labs Award.

The University of Glasgow saved over £67,000 in the three months of using this system, reduced waste disposal by 8 tonnes and saved 22 tones of carbon.

How to get started (this is still being piloted)

The intention is to replace “All Staff Announce” with Warp It regarding surplus transfers. The high amount of emails can cause staff to not notice an email by a member of staff giving away surplus items.

Warp It is simple to use and you need to be a registered user to use it. To register, follow the steps below. Note if you begin using it you will be part of the trial to help iron our any issues before launch:

  1. Go to https://www.warp-it.co.uk/company/greenwich
  2. Click the green “Create Account” button
  3. Agree to the rules for using WarpIt.
  4. You should now have access to WarpIt. You can review what is available, review the handy online resources to help and add items you no longer need.

If you have any questions about Warp-It or reuse and recycling at Greenwich email sustainability@gre.ac.uk

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