Sustainability Training for Staff and Students

The Sustainable Development Unit’s (SDU) role is to help integrate sustainability into all of our institutions activities. The opportunities of doing this are many and varied. The application of sustainability is something that everyone can do in their time at the university. This includes students and staff, and for staff this includes not just operational staff but also our academics including teaching and research staff.

The SDU provides training packages to help ensure sustainability knowledge is shared and applied directly by our stakeholders. Sustainability is not difficult to understand, it is based on common sense approaches that create many opportunities, minimising risks whilst also aligning usually with our own values. Having sustainable literate and responsible staff and students will help us make improvements in many areas and will significantly reduce our impacts whilst maximising the potential we can make as an institution and as individuals in making the world and our society a better, fairer, greener place.

Training available throughout the year and there is no charge for attendance.

Staff sustainability training can be reviewed  and booked here:

Sustainability – making the most of my student experience at Greenwich (students only).

There are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in exploring and delivering sustainability at Greenwich. This 2 hour workshop provides students with a fun and engaging, action packed opportunity to better understand sustainability and how to apply it through work, research and play whilst studying and living here. Examples of the skills that are invaluable to employers will also be practiced. Contact for dates and times.



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