Seeking to ensure a better future for our students is central to the University’s core aims. We do this through our educational provision, research and how we reduce the environmental impacts in our operations.

Research and surveys by the National Union of Students, the Higher Education Academy and Greenwich’s Student Union’s Sustainability Hub all illustrate the vast majority of students are pro-sustainability in their values, actions and expectations of their university in how it acts and what it teaches. You are seeking higher sustainability standards and knowledge and we are hoping that you will also get more involved in applying sustainability in your actions, learning and research here.

This website illustrates many areas the University is making great progress, however, students also have a crucial role to play. By helping protect your environment now you are helping protect your own futures too.  We ask all our students to commit to the first set key behaviors below that will reduce impacts and improve our local environments on campus and in our halls. The second set are optional, but are incredibility important for the planet to be able to meet your future needs.

We ask you to:

  • Segregate your waste into recyclables and waste for landfill, in your flats, halls and on campus
  • Turn off lights and electrical equipment when not in use, this can include in your halls, rooms or even lights in class if you are the last to leave
  • Close windows if the heating is turned on
  • Not waste water
  • Not drop litter, anywhere
  • Consider how sustainability issues relate to your studies, are they being taught? If not then ask why
  • Respect your fellow students, staff and wider community.

It would be amazing if you:

  • Avoid using a car when walking, cycling or public transport is an  alternative
  • Reduce your consumption of meat and dairy
  • Think carefully about flying as this has a huge sustainability impact
  • Think about what you buy? Over consumption is a significant challenge for the planet. (In the UK we use approximately 3 planets worth of resources a year – and yes we only have 1 planet available!)

For more information about sustainability & opportunities:

Check out our ‘Learn More/Resources‘ page, if you would like to help change things then check out our ‘Get Involved’ pages via the tab above, for more information about what the university is doing to tackle waste, carbon etc, then check out the ‘Action Areas’ tab, and find out more by browsing the other pages, packed with information, facts and actions you can do today!

If you live in our halls then get involved with the ‘Student Switch Off’ programme with ideas, competitions and prizes to help our students reduce their energy and water use, recycle more and save money! For more information visit the Greenwich SSO webpages.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue and many employers are seeking ‘sustainability literate’ graduates. The more our students can learn about and engage in sustainability the more they can prove to prospective, responsible employers of the opportunities they can contribute in their careers.

We and on behalf of your future selves thank you for helping make the world a better place.


University of Greenwich Sustainability Blog