Student’s Futures

Sustainability is vital for our student’s futures.

To guarantee a healthy, stable planet for future generations, we are largely reliant on the abilities of our students to learn about sustainability and adopt its principles in their lives at uni, their studies and their lives and professions after graduation.

National and Greenwich research shows that students are passionate about sustainability – about protecting our planet and all its inhabitants. After graduation, this research suggests that the majority of students would rather take a relatively lower-paid position in an organisation that shares their sustainability values.

For a thriving future we’re encouraging and supporting our students to get fully engaged in learning about the subject and take on sustainable lifestyle changes both at home and at uni. This will help both immediately and in the future – when applying for great jobs, and having influence on the sustainable principles of organisations they will work for.

  • Ask your lecturers about sustainability and request its inclusion in your course – it’s your future you’re learning for!
  • Would you like to be part of more ambitious, creative and innovative approaches to tackling key sustainability challenges? Students with a practical knowledge of sustainability are in high demand by future employers.
  • Knowing the way you live is good for that planet and society makes you feel great! Save energy, recycle more, buy less, eat healthy, eat local and spend time with others: volunteer, take a walk to the park or a trip to the countryside and revel in the wonder of nature!

Unless we all act and take responsibility, our future will be very uncertain. Instead, we can all play our part and rather than be the problem we can become the solution!

Explore this website to understand more about the subject, how you can actively get involved through many initiatives that the University supports, and find out how you too can become a future hero!

Sustainability & Employability

Getting involved with sustainability in your learning, volunteering, work or wider activities can give you great skills and experiences of demand in a competitive job market. This slide deck illustrates some of the opportunities that our students can gain by connecting with sustainability.

One example of how students have got fully involved in developing life skills, knowledge and experience is the student led, designed, managed and delivered Future Fair. this was run by students through the Sustainability Hub and created a day of excellent talks, exhibitions, collaborations and discussions. Further information can be found here.

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