It’s Reel Competition Time!

What is the competition about?

We’re inviting students, individually or in groups, to create impactful short videos (Reel or TikTok).

The video must focus on an environmentally friendly behaviour as its main theme. We want the video viewers to watch the video, learn something which we hope will lead to one or more green behaviours.

We don’t want to constrain your creativity. You can make the video funny, impactful, creative, whatever you think will encourage engagement and action. Please make sure the video considers other people’s feelings and that you don’t put yourself or others in any harm when creating the video.

Consider how shareable the video is, how you are using storytelling, film making techniques, visuals, graphics, text, music, sound etc.

There are lots of environmental behaviours you could create video content about. Two examples are included below:

Further to these (that encourage using reusable coffee cups and encourage using refillable water containers) you could perhaps create short videos about:

  • Putting rubbish in the right bin (ensuring recycling is put in the recycling bin by following instructions on campus bins)
  • Eating less meat and dairy and eating healthier (lower carbon) plant-based alternatives
  • Turning off electrical items when not in use (including lights)
  • Saving water in halls of residence
  • There are lots more ideas on this page and its attachments

Once the video has been produce add it on your Social Media feed and share it with @uog_sustainability or email it to

Once submitted, the Sustainability Team will post it on their Instagram page (@uog-sustainability).

The video can be a Reel or TikTok, but you should bear in mind that it will then be published on the Instagram page as a Reel, so if you make it through TikTok, remember it will then be displayed as a Reel to ensure any elements are not obscured by the Instagram format

When does the competition take place?

It launches 25th April (start of third term), and ends on 23rd May. The winners are announced on 25th May.

What are the prizes?

The best video will receive £50 of shopping vouchers, the 2nd place will receive £30 of vouchers to use in our catering outlets and the third place will receive £20 vouchers to use in our catering outlets.

Who can participate?

All Greenwich students can compete.

Why are we running this contest?

We want to encourage as many students as we can to be more aware of sustainable behaviours that will help protect the planet. We want to make sustainability engaging and we want to invite our students to use their creativity and interest to make this happen!

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