Making Dreadnought the Best

The new Dreadnought refurbishment provides an excellent opportunity to set out new or ‘better’ ways of working.

The building and facilities enable all users to make improvements to their behaviours, for example in how they create and dispose of waste, how they use energy and water, how they travel and what they buy.

The aim is to create a culture of users that are motivated in being as environmentally responsible as possible – creating a building that can be seen as a best practice exemplar in terms of reducing its environmental impacts.

Clear information will be provided to users via welcome packs, information on electronic screens, visible environmental champions plus monthly updates reporting energy, waste & recycling, water and other impacts. Users will, it is hoped, feel proud of their actions and their new building. Check out this infographic.

The success of this project will hopefully enable other Greenwich campuses to do better creating a friendly competitive element to drive forward improvement and action.

The building is designed to the BREEAM ‘Very Good’ environmental standard, and it would be great if user could meet this too.

If you’d like to get more information of get more involved in this initiative email

Otherwise look out for messages via the Portal, on Screens or via Green Ambassadors you’ll see around – particularly in the Atrium.

If you are a staff member and interested in being a Sustainability Champion for your department of help promote sustainability email to find out more.

Tips to Make Dreadnought the Best:

Waste & Recycling:
  • Reduce and avoid generating waste – consider what you buy – is it necessary, can you borrow instead, does it come without packaging or can this be taken back?
  • Reuse: Can you reuse items?  Simply using a mug or ‘keep cup’ in the café, or use WarpIt to reuse items that other departments no longer need. Staff who are moving in to the building may find they have a lot of useful items that could be added.  The system is expected to be launched beginning of October but users can log their stuff early ready for others to claim. Click here to register and for information (access to WarpIt is via your Portal login).
  • Recycle – recycle as much as you can and in the appropriate bin (recycling/food waste/glass/battery bins)– follow the poster on the bin, or check the lists on this site but don’t recycle items that are contaminated (e.g. by food). Here’s a full list of what you can recycle.
  • Avoid contamination by ensuring  that you only place items that can be recycled in recycling bins and that these items are not contaminated with food and drink.
  • Dispose residual wastes in the general waste bin unless it is glass, ‘hazardous’ wastes such as toner cartridges and paints, and also furniture. Contact your Facilities Management Office to dispose of these.
  • Switch off non-essential electrical items
  • Unplug your charger if not in use
  • Switch off lights in rooms that are bright enough or not in use
  • Ensure windows are closed in heated rooms
  • Check out our Heating & Cooling Policy for tips and advice.
  • Don’t waste hot or chilled water from the tea point ‘Zip’ taps or waste hot water in washrooms
  • Consider targeting emails to avoid sending emails to large numbers of people especially if they have large attachments. try including a URL to any large documents instead.
  • If appropriate use Skype for Business and Yammer instead for your communications to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Don’t leave taps running too long (especially hot taps)
  • Report drips and leaks to the FM Helpdesk.
  • Buy only what you need, see if you can share items between departments
  • Check Warp-It for items that you may require before purchase or borrow if appropriate from others
  • Buy an eco-alternative if it is available and meets your needs (recycled/easy to recycle/reuse)
  • Buy items that come from responsible and ethical sources (e.g. certified FSC wood, recycled)
Food & Drink
  • Always use a reusable – ceramic mug or ‘Keep Cup’ instead of disposables.
  • Refill your drinking water bottle – there is a refill point in the Atrium café and also filtered water in staff kitchen tea points
  • If you buy food to takeaway ask if you can bring your own container
  • If you use a single use takeaway container recycle if non-food contaminated but if contaminated put in general waste bin
  • Choose meals that have a lower impact – eat a more plant based diet, select locally sourced, organic or Fairtrade items (ask at the Atrium cafe for further information about how they take food responsible sourcing and provision and production seriously)
  • Try and avoid wasting food but if you do then use the food waste containers in café areas and staff tea point kitchens
  • Can you walk or cycle instead (is it quicker & cheaper?) (Dreadnought has a covered and lockable cycle store and shower facilities)
    • If you need more motivation to walk or cycle then use the Better Points app to earn rewards
  • Can you use email, phone, conference call or Skype instead of face-to-face
  • Consider UoG transport or public transport options – check your journeys using
  • If using a car can you offer a lift share?

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