Receive £1,000 for your living lab project

The University of Greenwich has partnered with global sustainability consultancy RSK to deliver five £1,000 grants for students to deliver practical projects and concepts that could deliver sustainability outcomes for the university.

Living Lab brings an opportunity to create a ‘bridge’ between our students and academic staff and our professional staff to apply their knowledge to help improve our sustainability performance or testing new innovations. This could include addressing challenges we face, for example: to help us reduce energy consumption (and carbon), improve recycling rates, reduce the impacts in our labs, engage staff and students in our natural environments, encourage behaviour change, and create innovative engagement processes.

Staff and students from all faculties can apply and submit proposals. The partnership with RSK will give staff and students the opportunity to develop an external relationship with industry experts.

We are asking academic staff to identify potential projects that their students could get involved with. Alternatively, please promote this initiative to your students, by highlighting that this is a great opportunity to develop practical and applied knowledge, gain invaluable experience and create connections to potential future employers. There is also an opportunity to win £1,000 for the student upon delivery of the project.

Please note: although there is no direct financial support to the academics, we would ask if you were an academic with a student who won one of the five Living Lab projects then you would provide some direction, advice, and support to help give the living lab project a successful outcome.

All living lab projects must be completed within 6 months of selection.

At Greenwich we expect this work to particularly help us deliver outcomes including our net zero, circular economy and biodiversity net gain strategies. We believe there are a huge number of opportunities, and we want to demonstrate that students and staff can make huge impacts by applying their knowledge to challenges that are often literally on their doorsteps. – Simon Goldsmith, Head of Sustainability

Next Steps

If you know of or have a project, we would like to hear from you – please complete this short Expression of Interest Form by 7th July 2023.

Our partners RSK will help select the five projects and individuals will be notified by the end of June. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Simon Goldsmith

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