How you can help

Most staff and students at Greenwich actively reduce their impact. Join them by:

Tread lightly

  • Switch off lights, computers, chargers when not needed (in offices & classrooms)
  • Only buy energy efficient equipment
  • Ensure your heating is set to  a maximum of 19oC
  • Avoid using personal portable heaters
  • Walk, cycle & use public transport rather than a car
  • Seek to reduce your air travel
  • Turn off taps & have shorter showers (or share them!)
  • Use our waterless urinals

Slim your bin

  • We can recycle about 90% of our waste. Follow the instructions on our internal bins.
  • Consider what you buy: Do you really need it? Could you borrow or hire instead? If you need to buy then: is it reusable, fixable or recyclable? Avoid products that have hazardous ingredients/components.
  • Don’t litter, and if you see any litter please pick it up and put it in the appropriate section of the dual bin.

Check the label

  • Try and buy organic, fairtrade, local, recycled, upcycled whenever possible
  • Research the brand. Some are sustainable and deserve your money others not. Do your research and spend your money where it can make a positive difference.

Lend a hand

  • Look out for anyone that needs assistance, in any way. People feel better for making others feel better. A true virtuous circle!
  • Volunteer if you can, make time even if you are busy, it has so many rewards.
  • Connect with your community, understand its needs and see how you can make it more fulfilled, resilient and vibrant.
  • Vote with your wallet. Every purchasing and investment decision has consequences. Try to ensure your investment improves our social and environmental futures and ultimately your own.

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