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The University recognises the need to deliver travel services to enable student and staff to travel  safely, efficiently and responsibly between its three main campus sites. Our Transport Plan provides the context and the approach being made to enable users to reduce their car dependency, using alternative, healthy and low carbon options.

 Click here for travel information about how to get to our campuses.

The below travel hierarchy illustrates what questions can be asked to identify whether you can reduce the need to travel. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has highlighted the advancing flexibility of technology, and how we can adapt to these changing circumstances whilst enabling studying and work to continue.

UoG travel hierarchy

The Transport Team undertake research into the commuting habits of staff to better understand modal split and also to help calculate the Scope 3 Carbon emissions from these activities. This is published with the Sustainability Annual Reports and contribute towards our total carbon footprint analysis. Over the past few years we have been working hard to increase alternative options, with decreasing the carbon footprint and utilising innovative new technologies.

  • hybrid-bus-greenwichcampus
  • Our Sustainability Projects Officer enjoying the bus

Recent Transport Innovations at Greenwich

  • In September 2020 we added two hybrid coaches to our fleet. Taking students to and from the Medway campus, these coaches use 8mpg compared to 13mpg of the ones they replaced. Additionally they have WIFI and USB charges on board. Taking you there in style.
  • Following a trial, the University is investing into two new electric buses to take students and staff between Greenwich and Avery Hill.
  • There is a car share scheme, save money and help the environment. Operated by Liftshare.com with links to University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • The University has invested in a range of electrical vehicles and low emission vehicles that you will see around our campuses that help cut carbon and air pollution.
  • There are a number of bicycle racks and secure lockers around each campus, making cycling to campus a lot easier.
  • Discounted Arriva bus tickets in Medway, to help public transport use and making it more affordable to do so.
  • The University encourages the use of the Better Points App, which offers points and rewards for walking, running or cycling (watch out for our annual competition).

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